Our Story

We have a deep family history
attached to our Farm Stall. As
with any story, there have been

good times, and not-so-good times, there have been various celebrations, a few tragedies, but mostly when we look back it has been a joyous journey that has brought us to where we are today.

Sit back, relax for a few moments, and allow us to take you back 43 years.  That is when our story begins.  Imagine a car pulled over on the side of the national highway, the N2.  Now, in your minds eye, you see a young woman standing next to the boot of the car, and the boot is wide open.  Inside you will see cabbages, as many as will fit into the space.
Where it All StartedThe young lady is Lynn Lake, having been born and bred in Johannesburg, she relocated to the Eastern Cape after marrying her husband, George.  George came from a farming family, and decided to return to his roots – a dairy farm 50 kilometers from Port Elizabeth, located in an area referred to by the locals as “NANAGA.”
Nanaga Farmstall Our Story


Soon young Lynn’s entrepurenial spirit developed an enterprising idea, and her car became a familiar sight to her growing client base.  She then got George to build her a little stall, as close to her little spot as possible.  Within a short space of time her fresh pineapple juice, pies and roosterkoek (a kind of roll unique to South Africa, cooked on grill and slightly charred) became the order of the day, and very few cars passed by without stopping.

And so the little stall grew, and extensions were made, and more extensions, to accommodate the increasing number of items stocked.  During this time Lynn had four children, who regularly worked in the Farm Stall during holidays from boarding school, and grew up with the Nanaga Farm Stall in their blood.

As destiny would have it, it was Leigh-Anne, Lynn’s elder daughter, who inherited that same spirit.


Whilst on a gap year in England, Leigh-Anne amazingly met the man of her dreams, Malcolm, also a South African, in London and the couple married on her parent’s farm in December 1995. Malcolm & Leigh-Anne returned from London and lived and worked in Johannesburg. This is when history started to repeat itself, with Malcolm & Leigh-Anne moving back to the Eastern Cape in December 1998.  Malcolm, runs the very same dairy farm, and Leigh-Anne, walking in her mother’s footsteps, took over the running of the farm stall.With the Farm Stall busting at the seams, and the National Roads Department putting pressure on us to move because of the dangerous access off the N2, a new building was erected in 2008, a mere stones throw from the original building.  Whilst bigger and better, and boasting all the mod cons, ‘old’ customers can today still vouch for the rustic, peaceful, rural ambience that is the essence of Nanaga.
Looking back, when we look at the Farm Stall, nestling against a background of rolling hills, cows contentedly grazing in the adjacent fields, we have a wonderful sense of “belonging” and peace, with our history as an imprint in our minds.
Nanaga Farmstall Team